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One of the most important steps you can take today is putting a solid estate plan in place to protect your family’s future. By completing the documents that prepare your family for life after you pass on, you can rest assured that your legacy and the financial security of your loved ones will continue long after you are gone. Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. is dedicated to answering all of your questions about estate planning, so reach out today to receive the answers you need.


When a person passes away without a will in place, it is up to the Minnesota courts to decide how your assets and estate will be distributed. While judges will try to divide up your estate equitably among your living relatives, those crucial decisions ultimately rest in their hands. In order to ensure your property and assets are dispersed according to your vision, it is important to work with an estate planning attorney to create a will. This document will serve as a clear roadmap for the handling of your estate once you pass away, and you can rest easier with the knowledge that the dispersal of your assets will follow your wishes.


In order to facilitate the dispersal of your assets upon your death, a trust can be put in place to handle this process. You can establish a trust while you are still alive; once you pass away, the trust assumes possession of your estate, and it is handled by a trustee of your choosing (a financial professional, relative, or close friend). The trustee will then manage the estate and according to your wishes and handle the distribution of your assets among your named beneficiaries.


The legal process that occurs when an estate is appraised and distributed following a person’s death is called probate. When a person dies without a will in place, the estate is certain to enter probate, leaving authority to a Minnesota judge to handle the distribution of the assets and payments of debts and taxes. In some cases, even if there is a will in place, probate may still be necessary. If your family needs assistance navigating the probate process, working with an experienced probate attorney can provide you with the clarity and reassurance you need. Call Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. today to learn more.

Powers of Attorney

In many cases, it is helpful to legally assign authority to a trusted individual. A powers of attorney names an individual of your choosing and gives them the power to sign documents, handle important transactions, or even make significant decisions on your behalf. There are many instances in which it is beneficial to have an attorney-in-fact who can legally execute your wishes. We can help you understand how having a powers of attorney document in place can bring you more security and confidence.

Health Care Directives

There are so many decisions when it comes to health care, and in some cases, sudden complications can prevent you from articulating these wishes in the moment. Having a health care directive in place can help your loved ones understand your desires regarding various types of medical procedures or treatments. If you find yourself unable to communicate your wishes to your health care team, you can assign a trusted agent to make these important decisions on your behalf. Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. will work with you to understand your health care goals and ensure the proper documents are in place to make these goals and wishes known.

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It is always the right time to start planning for the stability of you and your family’s future. Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. is dedicated to helping Minnetonka clients and their families put customized estate plans in place that speak to their unique needs and goals. Call us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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