Business Law

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Business law covers an extremely broad range of topics, but the general idea is to carefully plan how your business runs so that you feel secure in any situation that arises. Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. has been helping entrepreneurs and established business owners protect and grow their companies for decades. Whatever your business law needs are, we’ve got you covered.

Business Formation

Starting a business is a great accomplishment that requires smart planning to ensure success. If you are considering opening a business, there are many actions to take and decisions to make. How you begin initially has a large impact on your long term viability, so call our experienced business formation attorney at Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. to make certain everything is done right.

Contract Drafting & Review

Business contracts are our legal safeguards we need to make sure our businesses are protected when inevitable changes or disputes occur. We help our clients draft and review business contracts that cover everything from partnerships, project terms, mergers, and more. Don’t leave anything up to chance, work with a trusted contract attorney at Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. now.

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Attorney John Waldron has been helping businesses form, grow and thrive for over 30 years. Smart business planning can help you avoid messy legal entanglements down the road that can be costly and stressful. Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. wants to give you the knowledge and power you need to create and operate your business with confidence.

Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. helps Minnesota businesses lay strong foundations through business formation and contract drafting and review. Contact us today at (952) 471-0940 to schedule an initial consultation.