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Effective Real Estate Lawyer Helping Minnesota Residents Purchase, Sell & Manage Property

As a Minnesota board-certified Real Property Law Specialist, Attorney John Waldron has dedicated his professional career to assisting Minnesota residents with matters involving residential and commercial sales and purchases, title and leasing agreements and problems, easement creation and issues, boundary issues, and virtually anything else involving real estate law.

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Lease Review & Negotiation

Entering into a lease is a major decision that can have far-reaching effects in your life. Understanding what’s expected of you and what obligations you must adhere to should be very clear to all involved parties. If you are considering signing a lease or are currently negotiating the terms of one, we can help you discern what it is you are actually agreeing to do. Don’t open yourself to any legal trouble down the line, work with a reputable lease review and negotiation attorneys to ensure you’re officially covered.


A real estate title is the official documentation needed to prove ownership of real property. When you purchase a home or piece of land, you’ll typically receive a title policy that outlines all of the intricacies of what that ownership entails. It is crucially important to ensure that the title policy covers exactly what you think it does and doesn’t contain any terms or reference any documents of record that expose you to unnecessary or unforeseen risk. We help our clients obtain, evaluate, transfer and/or sell real estate in the proper way.

Residential & Commercial Real Estate

Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. offers Minnesota residents extensive experience in residential and commercial real estate law issues, including those pertaining to zoning and property permits, condemnation and eminent domain, acquisitions, environmental compliance, bonds, assessments and development contracts, as well as all of the other areas listed above. Attorney John Waldron knows what it takes to help you with sales of developed and undeveloped properties, financing and loans, lease agreements, title resolution, boundary disputes and ownership communities — i.e. condominium associations, homeowner associations, etc. Whatever your real estate need, we have you covered.

Sales & Purchases

Wouldn’t it be nice if something as basic as purchasing and/or selling property was simple and stress-free? Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. Minnesota laws governing the sale and/or purchase of property are incredibly complex and are best navigated by an experienced real estate attorney. If you or someone you know is currently considering purchasing or selling property — or if you simply have questions about real estate law in the State of Minnesota — contact attorney John Waldron today before making any major commitments.

Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve

Engaging in any matter relating to real estate can be tedious, intricate, and time consuming. Additionally, it requires you to make major financial decisions that could impact your life for a long time. That’s why it’s so important to work with a real estate lawyer you trust. We have been partnering with our clients for over three decades to ensure they are legally protected in real property endeavors.

Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. provides Minnesota families with comprehensive real estate attorney services, including lease review and negotiation, residential and commercial properties, buying and selling, and more. Contact our trusted law firm today by calling (952) 471-0940. We monitor our phones seven days a week. Attorney John Waldron is a Real Property Law Specialist, certified by the Minnesota State Bar Association, and has been since this certification was established.