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Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. is proud to serve individuals and families in Wayzata and throughout Hennepin and Wayzata County, and across Minnesota . Attorney John Waldron has dedicated his professional career to helping his clients successfully resolve their probate and estate planning matters. Having represented Minnesota residents since 1996, we understand what it takes to help you and your loved ones obtain the future you deserve.


Probate refers to the process of assessing and distributing a person’s assets and property after they have passed away. If there is a will in place, the probate process typically moves more smoothly, Minnesota law will step in and provide for distribution in instances where there is no will. 

Whether you need legal support throughout the probate process or you want to learn more about steps you can take to avoid probate, Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. is here to help.

Estate Planning

Though it may seem unpleasant to think about what happens to your estate and your loved ones after you pass away, deciding what to do with your assets while you are still healthy allows you to provide for a trouble-free distribution of your assets to your family in the future, no matter what happens. We help our clients with all aspects of estate planning, such as creating wills, establishing trusts, creating powers of attorney, and putting health care directives in place. Call Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. today to speak with an experienced attorney to help you create a customized estate plan that addresses all of your unique needs.

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When it comes to your future and ensuring that your loved ones can thrive long after you are gone, Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. is committed to helping you put the proper support systems in place well before they are needed. Whether you need help with a probate matter or you wish to create an estate plan that is tailored to address your specific needs, we will work with you to achieve your goals. Contact us today to get started.

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