Minnetrista Estate Planning & Probate Attorney

Hardworking Estate-Planning Attorney Helps Minnetrista Families Plan for the Future

Estate planning and probate can significantly affect your loved ones’ futures. Preparing their lives for after your passing by planning your estate can help ensure that your loved ones will have a secure future long after you’re gone. Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. is here to help.

Helping Minnetrista Residents Plan Their Wills

If you haven’t left a will when you pass on, Minnesota’s inheritance and estate laws offer guidance on how your estate can be divided. Typically, your spouse and children become the inheritors of your estate. Without a spouse and/or children to whom you can leave your estate, your property may go to your parents, brothers and sisters, or more distant relatives. Attorney John Waldron can offer you seasoned advice on what it takes to plan your will.

Assisting with Planning Trusts for Minnetrista Families

Minnesota state law defines a trust is an entity that distributes your assets after your death. A trust is created when property is transferred by the owner or trustor to a trustee. A trustee can be an individual with financial knowledge, or a relative or friend. You can also hire a professional trust company. Your trustee’s duty is to hold your property’s title and manage your estate for your beneficiaries. With Attorney John Waldron, you get a seasoned take on how to best plan your trust.

Offering Power-of-Attorney Advice in Minnetrista

Minnesota state law defines your attorney-in-fact as an adult of sound mind who you designate to make decisions on your behalf. The person you trust with that role has power of attorney to decide on all financial aspects of your estate and so should be trustworthy and dependable. Attorney John Waldron can offer qualified advice for your power-of-attorney matters.

Setting Health Care Directives in Minnetrista

A health care directive is written to inform your family of your health care wishes in the event that you can’t communicate them. It lets you entitle an agent to make your health-related decisions on your behalf. Attorney John Waldron can help you create a directive that fully conforms to your preferences.

Litigating Probate for Minnetrista Residents

The probate process begins by filing an application with the probate court. Probate ends when all debts and taxes are paid and any and all assets are distributed to designated beneficiaries. In the event your will is contested, a Minnesota probate judge must resolve the dispute. With Attorney John Waldron, you get the quality, tested advice on your probate needs.

Formal vs. Informal Probate

Informal probate proceedings may involve your personal representative paying any outstanding debts and inheritances outside of court. An informal probate requires an application that includes your interest in the proceeding along with the decedent’s name, date of birth, and the county in which they lived when they died. The application must also list the names and addresses of the decedent’s spouse, children and heirs, as well as the name and address of the decedent’s personal representative.

Formal probate is usually advised for large estates, and requires courts to make certain determinations. These matters can either be fully supervised or unsupervised by a Minnesota court.

If you live in Minnetrista and your family are currently establishing a will and/or trust, or if you just have questions regarding probate, powers of attorney and/or health care directives, call Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. at (952) 471-0940 today.