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As children of aging parents and/or as parents ourselves, we want to make sure our loved ones are well-cared for and protected. Children under the age of 18, adults who are living with a disability, or elderly individuals who become unable to care for themselves all require loving and responsible people in their lives who can step in to make sure their needs are met and their best interests are safeguarded. In the event that you are no longer able to care for your children, or your elderly parents cannot adequately care for themselves, a temporary guardianship can ensure that they receive the care and guidance they need. For more information about temporary guardianship in Minnesota, reach out to the experienced legal team at Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. today to learn more.

Understanding Temporary Guardianship

Typically, temporary guardianship becomes necessary when an emergency occurs, such as a sudden accident, illness or other event that makes it difficult for the ward (a.k.a. the child or adult) to appoint a representative of their choosing. In such cases, an emergency guardian is appointed to make decisions on the ward’s behalf and to ensure that their safety is prioritized. Depending on the specific circumstances, the guardianship may last for a short period of time, or it the court could decide to extend the order until the ward passes away.

Temporary Guardianship and Estate Planning

If you have children, you will want to consider appointing a trusted individual to provide temporary guardianship in the event that you pass away unexpectedly while your children are still minors. When you meet with your estate planning lawyer, you can discuss the specific duties that you envision the temporary guardian will provide, as well as other important details. While it is not pleasant to think about passing away in a sudden accident or by succumbing to an incurable illness, it is essential that you have these difficult conversations with your partner and your attorney so that you can make sure your children will be in trusted and loving hands, should the time come.

Experience You Can Trust

Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. is committed to ensuring that you and your loved ones are securely protected, no matter what the future may hold. If you just became a parent, or if you are concerned about an aging parent, it is time that you put the proper protections in place to keep their futures bright. If your child has special needs and you are worried about who will take care of them if you become incapacitated, you need to put the necessary documents in place to communicate your wishes. Whatever your concerns or needs may be, the compassionate and dedicated legal team at Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. is ready to help you achieve your goals and protect the future—for you and your loved ones.