Mound Estate Planning & Probate Attorney

Dedicated Estate-Planning Attorney Helping Mound Families Plan for the Future

Estate planning and probate can significantly affect your loved ones’ futures. Preparing their lives for after your passing by planning your estate can help ensure that your loved ones will have a secure future long after you’re gone.

Helping Mound Residents Plan Their Wills

If you pass on without leaving a will, Minnesota’s inheritance laws will decide on the division of your estate. Most often, your property rights would go to your closest relatives, with your spouse and children first in line before other family members. In cases where there’s no spouse and/or children, your property rights default to your grandchildren, mother and father, brothers and sisters or other relatives. Attorney John Waldron can offer experienced advice on all the dimensions of planning your will.

Trust-Planning Assistance for Mound Families

According to Minnesota estate law, a trust is an entity that distributes your assets after your death. A trust is created when you transfer your property to another person, who becomes the trustee. A trustee can be an experienced financial professional, a relative, a friend, or an organization or company. Your trustee’s role is to hold and manage the title to your property and your estate on behalf of your beneficiaries. With Attorney John Waldron, you get a seasoned take on how to best plan your trust.

Offering Power-of-Attorney Advice in Mound

In Minnesota, you may choose any adult of sound mind to make decisions on your behalf as your attorney-in-fact. That person has power of attorney to decide on all financial matters of your estate. The person you choose to have power of attorney for your affairs should be someone you trust, as dependable and reliable. Attorney John Waldron is ready with qualified advice that you can use on your power-of-attorney matters.

Helping Set Health Care Directives in Mound

Your health care directive is a document that outlines your health care wishes in the event you can’t communicate them. Your directive allows you to designate someone to make health care decisions on your behalf. Attorney John Waldron can provide insight on what you should think about planning for, and what the legal process will look like.

Litigating Probate for Mound Residents

Probate is the legal process of settling an estate after someone has passed away. If you pass on before you’ve written a will, probate law necessitates that a judge decides how your estate is divided. There may be a need for probate even if a will is present. The determining factor may be how assets were held at the time of your death. With Attorney John Waldron, you get the quality, tested advice on your probate needs.

What Assets are Subject to Probate in Mound?

According to Minnesota state law, certain types of property that you own in your name alone with no beneficiary designated — in fact, any property you don’t hold in joint tenancy with right of survivorship — must be probated after you pass on.

Property that you own in joint tenancy, jointly held bank accounts, payable on death accounts, life insurance funds designated for a specific beneficiary and/or pension benefits with a beneficiary designation need not be probated. Property you hold outside of Minnesota is subject to that state’s local probate laws.

If your family potentially faces a probate procedure, they can benefit from having a reliable attorney like John Waldron who can help clarify to a court how you want your estate wishes to be interpreted. Call Waldron Law Offices, Ltd. at (952) 471-0940 for a free consultation.